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We offer both a 4-hout Tour and an Extended 6-hour Tour of Jewish Buenos Aires!

The following is the Itinerary that includes the sites visited and the topics covered in both tours:

  1. We begin the tour in Plaza de Mayo, creating the framework for the geographical and the historical understanding that will allow us to explore both Buenos Aires and Jewish BA in a most meaningful way.
  2. We learn about the two foundations of the city and about the history of crypto-Jews in the Colonial times who were protected by a Catholic order from the persecution of the Inquisition and who were essential for the growth of Buenos Aires in the early part of the 17thcentury.
  3. We will see the only Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust inside of a cathedral in the world –in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires, the Church of Pope Francis, the Argentine Pope!
  4. In front of the famous Balcony from where Perón and Evita spoke to the Argentine people in the 1940’s and 50`s, we will learn all about them as political figures, as well as about their relationship on the one hand to the Nazis who escaped the trials of Europe coming to Argentina, and on the other hand to the Jewish community and the State of Israel.
  5. In Plaza de Mayo we also explore the last military dictatorship of Argentina (1976-1983), which took the lives of thousands of people (known as the “desaparecidos”), 20% of whom were Jewish. We learn about their mothers, the “Mothers of Plaza de Mayo”.
  6. From Plaza de Mayo, we head to the oldest synagogue of Buenos Aires, the Libertad Street Synagogue, founded in 1862, and to the Jewish Museum of Buenos Aires, where we will learn about Jewish immigration to Argentina and the story of the famous “Jewish Gauchos” of the Pampas! We also learn about both the Sephardic and the Ashkenazic communities, so that we can gain a good understanding of the diversity of the Argentine Jewish community.
  7. From there we go to the Jewish neighborhood of Once –the Buenos Aires version of the Lower East Side in New York– where besides walking its streets with Jewish stores, Kosher butchers, restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets, we will see the site of the AMIA, which was the target of the terrorist attack in 1994 that claimed the lives of eighty-five people.
  8. The 4-hour Tour ends in Once. 
  9. In the Extended 6-hour Tour, we will continue to have lunch at a Kosher “parrilla” restaurant to enjoy a good Kosher bar-b-cue (vegetarian options are available too!).
  10. We will finally visit  the Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires, where we learn about the coming of the Nazis to Argentina after Second World War and about the intricate story of the capture of Adolph Eichmann on “Garibaldi street” in Buenos Aires by the Israeli Mossad and how he was taken in an El Al airplane to stand trial in Israel in 1961.
  11. The Extended 6-hour Tour brings you back to your place or hotel at the end of the tour.

Please NOTE:

On Sundays and Holidays, the Libertad Street Synagogue and the Jewish Museum are closed. We still visit the site to see them from outside and learn there about Jewish immigrations and the Jewish Gauchos.

On Sundays, the Holocaust Museum opens at 2 PM.

On Fridays and Holidays, the Holocaust Museum is closed. Instead, we then visit the site where Peron and Evita lived and learn there about the Nazis coming to Argentina and the capture of Eichmann in Buenos Aires


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TripAdvisor Reviews and Testimonials

      Our family of five was on this tour in January with six other people plus our guide (Rabbi Ernesto Yattah) and a driver. We were picked up at our... read more


      My daughter and I really enjoyed our tour with Ernesto. It was a bit of a splurge but was a highlight of our trip. Very engaging and a lot... read more


      My wife and I took this tour today. There was one other couple with us, plus our guide,Ernesto,and a driver. From minute one Ernesto is imparting his vast knowledge... read more

    Ron W

      So glad we found Rabbi Ernesto Yattah. His six hour program was filled with rich historical perspective. He is a delight to spend time with and you will never forget... read more


      Rabbi Ernesto's knowledge is thorough and complete. He is thoughtful and thought provoking. His understanding of the Argentinian Jewish Experience and its relationship to the Argentinian people makes... read more


      My husband and I wanted to do a Jewish focused tour of Buenos Aires and we found all these wonderful reviews of Ernesto's tour. They are all well deserved.... read more

@Familytravelers526 - Boston
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“Fascinating Tour on All Things Argentina. We higly recommend Ernesto’s tour for all ages and all backgrounds. While the tour is styled as a Jewish Buenos Aires Tour, Ernesto provides historical background on Argentina from all prespectives”
@ebalaz - Los Angeles
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“Do Not Miss This Tour! … this is a tour that absolutely cannot be missed when you visit Buenos Aires. It became the highlight of our visit to South America and to Buenos Aires specifically. … His knowledge and his ability to impart that knowledge in such an educational and spellbinding way is remarkable and we were captivated for the entire tour. ”
@Yenrotta99 - New York
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“Unforgettable, Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience! What can we say about Rabbi Ernesto Yattah. He is extraordinarily educated, and so knowledgeable about the history of Argentina both generally and as related to the Jewish role.,,, He commands your attention with his knowledge and manner that time flies by.”
@787billw - Bethesda, Maryland
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“Simply an excellent tour in all respects! My wife and I joined 8 other travelers for Ernesto’s tour of Jewish Buenos Aires. We have been on walking tours all over world, some general history tours and some with a specific focus.... But this was the most informative tour we have taken anywhere, on any subject, bar none. . Ernesto has over the years crafted and refined his tour to the point that it is simply packed with information that he delivers with an enthusiasm that draws you in and keeps you engaged. And Ernesto is an absolute pleasure to be with. He even has an indirect connection to Evita Peron. I’ll let him explain it to you. You cannot go wrong taking this tour. It’s a 5 out of 5”
@Martin O - Montreal, Canada
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“Ultimately the BEST tour we've ever been on as it relates to the History of the Jews On a scale of 1 to 100, I would rate our time with Ernesto as a 150. This gentleman explained everything from A to Z about the history of Jews in Argentina. He fielded every question we had for him and when we finished the tour my wife and I agreed that every minute we spent with him was a very rewarding learning experience. If you are reading this and are keen to learn about the Jewish people and how everything evolved from way back when to present times, this tour is a MUST. You will come away so enriched … By the way, his English is excellent as he had lived in the USA.”
@wdchuck1 - New York City, New York
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“Simply Fantastic This is a must when you are in BA… The tour will give you a full understanding of not only the development of Buenos Aires but Latin America itself and how it all relates to the European and World situation at the time...”
@wayne friedman - Melbourne, Australia
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"A tapestry of Jewish stories woven by a master I'd highly recommend Ernesto to every Jewish visitor to Buenos Aires. Sensational storyteller. 10/10"
@BZ_NZ - Scottsdale
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"Absolutely Fantastic!!!! Best Tour of Buenos Aires We met Rabbi Ernesto for the Jewish Tour on our last day in Buenos Aires after almost 2 weeks in the city. We were a bit worried because we had already done quite a few tours and thought maybe it would be repetitive ... it was not. Touring the city with Rabbi Ernesto is like having a private college professor with you for the day. Ernesto captivated both my husband and myself with his ability to describe what was going on in Argentina with what was happening with the rest of Europe and the world, and then relating it all to the Jewish people. After his tour I feel more connected to Argentina and I better understand history and its implications. Ernesto makes leaning history fun and memorable. Hands down it was our favorite tour in 2 weeks and we are still talking about it with our friends and family."
@algedneil - Kansas City, Missouri
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"Amazing tour Ernesto was a fabulous tour guide. So very knowledgeable, understandable, and enchanting. If you have a day either prior to a cruise, or while docked in Buenos Aires, or just visiting for a while --- Ernesto is a must. He books up very quickly. So be sure to secure his services as far in advance as possible. We were 6 individuals."
@adrilandes - Santa Fe, New Mexico
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"Simply Spectacular Probably the finest guided tour we have ever taken. Not only was Ernesto informative, but he brought amazing passion and clarity to BA history. His wealth of knowledge is beyond extensive. The way he constructs the history of BA from its from its founding to today is exciting."
@Alison999r - London, United Kingdom
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"AMAZING EXPERIENCE WITH ERNESTO After reading the reviews we were looking forward to our Jewish tour in Buenos Aires. We spent 6 hours with Ernesto Yattah which we will never forget. His historical Jewish depth of knowledge of Buenos Aires and South America was unbelievable. He gave us a lifetime of history about the area in only a few hours. His personal association, insight and experiences enhanced our tour even more. Everything has been said, and if you go to Buenos Aires don't miss a tour with him. AMAZING!"
@JORDSYDMIA - Woodmere, New York
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"MARVELOUS JEWISH TOUR We spent 4 wonderful hours with Rabbi Ernesto Yattah. There is not much more I can add to the many wonderful reviews in TripAdvisor. We didn't realize how much history there is about the Jews and our place in Argentine history. Ernesto fully involves you into that history not just by talking but by asking many questions that lead to fascinating discussions. When the tour was over, my wife and I and the two wonderful friends we made on our trip did not want to say goodbye to Ernesto. It was the highlight of our 5 days in Buenos Aires. Do yourself a huge favor and book this tour, you will never forget it. THANK YOU, ERNESTO AND MAY WE MEET AGAIN."
@Lolis - Boston boston
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"Better than the rest My husband and I did a great deal of research to try to find a reasonably priced tour dealing with the Jews of Argentina. In the end, I used Trip Advisor as a consultant and decided that you probably get what you pay for. We decided to use Ernesto even though his price was slightly higher than many other options. We wanted to learn and come away with a deeper understanding of this country and the Jews who reside here. We really did not need to be taken to a Kosher McDonalds since that has never been a restaurant that we frequented. Well, we were enchanted with this man, Ernesto, who was able to speak at length on any topic that we raised and who was able to offer a variety of views and personal opinions on several controversial topics. We have been traveling in Brazil and Argentina for four months. Certainly, this tour will be one of the highlights that we will be thinking and talking about for years to come."
@JBS-and-family - Palo Alto, CA
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"The most amazing tour and tour guide! Don't miss this We had a half day tour of Jewish Buenos Aires with Ernesto and it was fantastic. He is so knowledgeable and informative and a great presenter and storyteller. We took his tour on the last day and wish we had hired him for more. He really helped us understand the history of Argentina and its Jewish community. Very highly recommended. We always take "Jewish tours" wherever we go, and this one was the best by far. Ernesto is awesome, and my teenage children really enjoyed him as well."



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