The History of Crypto-Jews in Colonial Buenos Aires under the Spanish Inquisition (1580 – 1650)

The growth of Buenos Aires.

The Viceroyalty of the River Plate.

The Revolution and Independence of Argentina from Spain and the Argentine Civil Wars (1650 – 1860)

The Golden Age of Argentina.

The Process of Jewish Immigration that gave rise to the current Jewish Community.

The Jewish Colonies (Moisesville and others) and the work of Baron Maurice de Hirsch (the “Moses of the Americas”).

The early 20th century: Jewish socialism, Jewish communism and other movements (1860-1930)

Military dictatorships and democratic governments in Argentina.

An in-depth look at Perón and Evita.

Jewish immigration before, during and after World War II.

Nazi War Criminals coming to Argentina in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

The Disappeared and the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo.

Current political and economic issues.

And the phenomenon of Pope Francis (1930 – Today)

The Terrorist Attacks against the Israeli Embassy (1992) and the AMIA (1994) — their place in domestic politics and their geopolitical significance.

The Demography of the current Jewish Community.

The Structure and Institutions of the Jewish Community.

Religion and Secularism in the Argentine Jewish Community

Political Involvement of Jews in the various Governments of Argentina.

Argentine Jews and the State of Israel.

Looking to the Future: the challenges facing the Argentine Jewish Community

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